$30,000 Challenge

The Schutzhund Trainers Challenge, presented by PronouncedK9, is a non-sanctioned, for-fun schutzhund event.

WHEN: Postponed. Event date TBD.
WHERE: PronouncedK9 Training Grounds in Hudson, MI
WHY: $30,000 in CASH Prizes to the top 5 competitors:

1st Place $15,000
2nd Place $5000
3rd Place $4500

4th PlaceĀ  $3500
5th Place $2000

JUDGE: Marko Koskensalo, 2017 Trainers Challenge Champion

If you have ever wondered how your dog would do under the old (circa 1990s) Schutzhund III rules – where points are awarded for the power and aggression brought on the field?

Have you run out of room for trophies and plaques and would rather compete for something that can be invested back into your training or breeding program?

The Schutzhund Trainers Challenge is a premier event that celebrates the original vision of the schutzhund!

The first $30,000 Schutzhund Trainers Challenge competition will be a two-day event, accommodating 16 dog/handler teams each day. There will be an entry fee of $300. (Remember, that gets you a shot at winning $15,000!) We will hold a fair draw to determine competition order. There will be only one judge, which means there will be no flights. All 16 dogs will track in the morning, then will return to the event grounds where all 16 will do obedience before moving on to protection. The complete rule book can be found here. The rules and points structure are based on the Schutzhund III routine from the year 1990, the two major exceptions being that a padded stick, not reed, will be used, and that the judge will be conferring with the helpers before determining your protection score.

Needless to say, courage and hardness will be paramount. No titles are required and none will be given; this is a non-sanctioned event.

We want to reward success, so these five teams, along with the next five high scorers, will be eligible to enter the next event. The other 22 teams will cycle to the bottom of the waiting list. Don’t worry, we won’t allow this list to become too long. If the membership grows beyond what we can support with these four events, we will happily host more events, allow more entries per event, perhaps even increase the payouts.